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"I love Drums!! ... seriously friends and citizens, from the time I began lessons as a farm-boy in northeastern Missouri (near Kahoka), I have enjoyed playing. It was after attending a summer jazz camp prior to my senior year in high school that I 'got bit' and decided to pursue music in college. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as a music education major. There, I studied percussion and jazz drumming with Ron Keezer, a really swinging and gifted drummer. By the way, jazz pianist Jeffery Keezer is Ron's son. Upon graduation I moved to Chicago to play in the band, Rush Hour, a kicking Top-40 group, but that had a relatively short life-spand. After that break-up I spent a couple years alternating between playing in Hotel/Resort housebands and working odd-jobs to support my family; I got married and had a son. At that point I took a job as a full-time band director. The fact is I have never really been a professional drummer. I define a professional in the music business as one who makes his living as a performer and has paid some heavy dues to do so. I have made my living as a music educator, a career I have always had great passion for, and to which I have given serious hours of love and dedication over a 30 year career.  Frankly, while I have never regretted my years as an academic, I have often reflected, with a certain degree of envy, on what it would have been like to have 'gone for it'! I think I could have been pretty successful; I've always seemed to have my own voice, musically. In the meantime, and with all that said, I have had the opportunity to perform in a number of professional settings and with some very esteemed musicians. I've shared in creating and living in very magical musical moments with some amazing musicians. Nothing is more satisfying than that! ... So that brings me to the now, retired and relocated in Greenville, I'm sure I'll get my hand involved educationally, but what I'm most excited about is focusing on playing drums. While my first love is jazz, I really enjoy playing any music that requires a 'pocket'. That could be funk, R&B, Latin, pop, or C&W, I really don't care as long as it is in support of a great and passionate artist. So here is my pitch ... If you are looking for a drummer, give me call. I'm open, open-minded, and have the fire and energy of a 30 year-old." 



Musical Collaborations>


  • PIANO: Bert Dalton, Jody Christian, Ryan Cohen, Chris Ishee, Dave Grusin, Don Walker, Steve Sandner, John Roothaan, Jeremy Kahn, Ken Chaney, and Stu Mindeman, and Lyle Mayes
  • BASS: Rob Amster, Kelly Sill, John Bany, David Parlato, Dennis Carole, Matt Ferguson  Dan Anderson, Gim Cox, Kurt Schweitz and Louis Guerraa
  • SAXOPHONE: Pat Mallinger, Scott Burns, Von Freeman, William Garcia, Rob Smith, Jim Barbick, Pete Carney, Anthony Bruno, Kanoa Kaluhiwa, Diane Ellis, and Frank DeCarlo
  • TRUMPET: Tito Carrillo, Marcus Belgrave, Wendell Brennor, Dave Weeks, Micah Frazier, Marquis Hill, Pharez Whitted, and Victor Garcia
  • VOCALIST: Holly McGuire, Bob Thornton, Bob Duda, Steve Sandner, and Rita McConville
  • LATIN PERCUSSION: Ruben Alvarez and Nathan Rodriguez
  • GUITAR: Frank Dawson, John Kimsey, Michael Anthony, Jacob Wilson, and Neal Alger 


Extended Tenures>


  • RUSH HOUR (Cover Band)
  • HOLLY MCGUIRE (Jazz and Pop)
  • THE ART THIEVES (Progressive Rock)
  • ZOE (Pop)
  • JILLY'S HOUSE BAND (w/Bob Thornton ... Sinatra, Jazz, and Dance)
  • THE SIDEMEN (Jazz Quartet and Bib Band)
  • NOTEWORTHY (Big Band)
  • MORRIS ELIS BIG BAND (Contemporary Pop and Jazz)



First Session recorded by The Kevin Korschgen Jazz Quartet 2000




MME, Vandercook College of Music, Chicago, IL – 1988


BME (Instrumental, K-12) University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI - 1976

My first gig in Greenville, SC with Matt Dingledine on guitar, Shannon Hoover on the contra-bass, and Tom Wright on alto saxophone

These guys are 'Pros'

At the Blues Boulevard, Greenville, SC with( l-r) Mike Jones - guitar, Candace Morris - vocals, Shaun Ritchie - bass

Candace leads this group, and somehow we always find a way to really "rock the house"

Here I am with the TEXAS EXES, the upstate's newest Country Band. We're working hard to get this project off. Its a fun country cover band, honoring the likes of George Strait, Alan Jackson, Vince Gill, Dwight Yoakum, etc. 

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